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Experienced Domestic Violence Lawyer and Assault Lawyer

Are you looking for an affordable domestic violence lawyer or a domestic violence lawyer in Toronto? Do you need a Domestic Violence lawyer who accepts Legal Aid and offers affordable payment plans in Ontario?

Have you been charged with Domestic Assault?  Are you looking for an Affordable Domestic Violence Lawyer?

Domestic violence and domestic assault charges and allegations are very serious.  The Courts and Police both consider these types of cases very important and use all Government resources to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.  The allegations do not have to be very serious or include any violence.  The Police will lay charges first and let the Courts sort out who is innocent and who is guilty or innocent.  The assistance of an Affordable Domestic Violence Lawyer is essential to avoiding a Criminal record which causes more financial hardships for the accused and the associated family and children.

Following Bail conditions are essential. 

The accused usually has strict restrictions after charged by Police and must adhere to certain rules like not having any contact with the victim.  If these conditions are not followed Police will lay further charges that will only make thing more complicated and the consequences are more severe and sometimes release from Jail is not granted until trial.  Having a Affordable Domestic Violence Lawyer who has 25 years of experience on your side will ensure you have the best chance and resolving your matter in a way that has the least amount of impact in your life.

Many accused wonder if they will be able to afford the cost of an appropriate defence. 

Many clients are concerned about Domestic Lawyer fees and rates.  Domestic Violence Lawyers Toronto have rates that can be out of reach of many Ontario families.  Domestic Lawyer costs do not have to affect your ability to face the court system.  We are committed to being the Affordable Domestic Assault Lawyers in the GTA and beyond.  We strive to help anyone who contacts our office looking for the Best Domestic Violence Lawyer payment plans.

We are able to defend our clients in court room across Ontario. 

You may be looking for a domestic violence lawyer near your or a domestic violence lawyer that works in court rooms across Ontario.   We are recognized as being able to offer the best domestic violence lawyer payment plans in Toronto and beyond.  We always accept legal aid and offer the most affordable flat rates.

Over 25 successful experience opposing criminal convictions. 

We are the Affordable Domestic Violence Lawyer who can help you and are experienced with all types of cases.  Michael McKee has over 25 years practicing Domestic Violence Law in Ontario.  He is considered one of the best domestic violence lawyers in Toronto by other lawyers, his clients and prosecutors for his years of expertise in courtrooms across Ontario.

Once Police and Courts are involved the victim can not have charges withdrawn. 

It is not uncommon in domestic disputes that criminal charges are laid against one or more of the parties involved. This is when the search for a affordable domestic violence lawyer usually starts.  Many times, after emotions have cooled, the complainant will wish to have the charges withdrawn. Unfortunately, after police have laid charges, the decision to proceed is not controlled by the alleged victim and in most instances, the Crown will not drop the charge(s). Therefore, knowledge of the law, strategy and tactics are extremely important with respect to these charges.

Release from Police custody after arrest is not guaranteed. 

Bail variations to allow for communication or to return to the home are opposed by the Crown in almost all instances. However, we have been able to convince the Crown in numerous cases to vary the bail to allow for exceptions to the general rule of no contact or communication.

Always seek counsel to understand best course of action. 

If you are charged with one of the following, it is highly recommended that you contact a lawyer immediately. Personally arguing with the Police or Crown Attorney regarding what happened and why, will generally only hinder your own defense. Get your own Affordable Domestic Violence Lawyer to assist you in getting your life back to normal.


1.  Assault

2. Assault Cause Bodily Harm

3. Assault with a weapon

4. Criminal Harassment

5. Threatening

6. Breach of Recognizance

7. Forcible Confinement

8. mischief over 5000

9. mischief under 5000

Affordable Domestic Violence Lawyers are hard to find.  Especially ones with experience and a track record of success dealing with various types of communities in Ontario.  Domestic Violence lawyers at Richmond Hill Affordable Lawyer Plug also accept Legal Aid and payment plans.

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The answer to this question depends upon an array of factors.  Is there a criminal record, what are the allegations, what is the alleged history of violence between partners, is there a surety available, can the accused live with the surety if necessary and so on.


The simple answer is “no”. Once a charge is laid only the Crown attorney has the authority to withdraw a charge. In domestic related matters the Crown will not exercise its discretion to withdraw a charge in most cases. However, the Crown will listen to the views of the victim when deciding on the proper course of action to take. You must understand that there are innumerable instances when a spouse contacts police and charges are laid and the following day wishes to have the charge withdrawn. This occurrence is commonplace.

Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug cheap lawyer legal aid lawyer best lawyer Toronto affordable lawyer legal aid lawyer Bail
Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug cheap lawyer legal aid lawyer best lawyer Toronto affordable lawyer legal aid lawyer Bail


Most bail orders have provisions restricting communication and residence. If the bail stipulates that there is to be no contact directly or indirectly then there can be absolutely no communication at all. Text, e-mail, Facebook, telephone and even sending a message through a friend are all forbidden. Breach of any provision in your bail, if reported, will land you back in jail for another bail hearing.

To change a bail order there are 2 procedures:

1.  a bail variation with the consent of the Crown

2. an application to the Court to vary the bail (without Crown’s consent). This involves a hearing before a judge


Often times the victim wishes to make amends and attempts to contact the accused. The accused cannot have any communication (if restricted by bail) regardless of who initiates the conversation.


This question can only be answered after a review of the facts and history? Obviously, the more serious the allegations, the greater is the penalty. In some minor cases, the Crown may agree to a peace-bond. This is not a common result but is by far the most preferred other than a withdrawal or dismissal of the charge.


Again, every case is different and the cost is dependent upon what is to be done on your behalf, the complexity of the case and the time involved.

Now is not the time to delay! Your reputation, future, and freedom are too important. In all cases, you are well advised to immediately speak with Michael so we can evaluate your case, get your side of the story, and relentlessly defend you against your charges. You can also contact one of our lawyer Christopher De Giorgio for traffic act charges and provincial offences.

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