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    Toronto Drug Lawyer & Brampton Drug Trafficking Lawyer

    We Are Toronto Drug Offences Attourneys | 25 Years Experience Defending Narcotic Allegations

    The Criminal Code has severe minimum sentences linked to Drugs in Toronto and across Ontario. 

    Toronto Drug Lawyers must know the in and outs when it comes to every aspect of drug related charges but you need to make sure the lawyer you find has this experience.  The Police and Crown Attourneys are committed to prosecuting any offences that relate to hard drugs. When minors are exposed directly or indirectly and and additional any criminal activities associated with drug dealing and usage effect the general population the consequences of a conviction are increased.

    Toronto Drug Lawyer & Drug Trafficking Lawyer Ontario Canada Shares Expert Defense Tips With Advice

    Addiction is sweeping Canada and increased incarceration not helping. 

    Addiction to substances like Fentanyl, heroin and other Opioids have caused thousand of deaths already and the rate is going up.  Michael McKee feels those who are suffering from addiction are better off Government subsidized rehabilitation instead of harsh Jail sentences because Prison does not deal with the root cause.  In some cases a Judge or Crown Attorney may consider Addiction Treatment as an option to Jail or even a Criminal record that can last a life time.

    Import and export of drugs increasing due to demand. 

    The amount of users of illegal drugs has expanded and so is the rush to supply these narcotics. These drugs cause damage to the user, those around them and society in general.  Due to legalization of cannabis more resources are being directed to detection of the channels of entry of illegal drugs.  Anyone facing these types of allegations should find a suitable Toronto drugs lawyer or a drug attorney who is familiar of all the drug courts in Ontario.

    It may be tempting to represent yourself on a minor drug charge. But you should reconsider.

    A conviction under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act (CDSA) for production, trafficking or possession of drugs can result in severe criminal penalties. Even a minor drug charge conviction can have serious, enduring consequences on your life. A criminal record for drugs can impact many aspects of a person’s life, including employment and international travel.

    What Falls Under a Drug Offence?

    Drug offences are particularly complex; charges and possible sentences vary significantly. Some issues that arise in drug sentences are:

    1.  The type of drug;

    2. Quantity of the substance;

    3. Purpose for its possession;

    4. Amount of planning and deliberation pertaining to the offence;

    5. Prior record of the offender; or

    6. Whether there was trafficking of other drugs involved.

    What are hard drugs?

    Substances defined as “hard drugs,” like heroin and cocaine, carry more severe sentences than so-called “soft drugs” like marijuana. Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, Trafficking and Production will result in harsher punishment than simple Possession.

    What is Drug Trafficking? 

    “Trafficking” is a broad criminal category, and includes anything from transporting, selling to simply giving someone a drug. For example, simply sharing a “hit” of an illegal drug is considered trafficking.

    What are Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking related charges? 

    “Possession” is another sweeping and multifaceted criminal charge. While many people believe Possession is personally holding a drug, one may be charged for simply being in the presence of someone with a drug. With Joint Possession, one individual holding a drug with the knowledge, consent, and assisted control of others makes all people in the party guilty of the offence. An individual may also be in Possession of a drug if they have it stored anywhere where the person has a measure of control.

    Facing allegations of Production of a Controlled Substance?

    “Production” not only includes growing/producing drugs. Any owner of a property who knowingly allows others to use it for production or any individual who assists with the production can be criminally incriminated.

    One does not need proof or actual knowledge that a drug offence is taking place. So-called Willful Blindness is not a defence to a drug charge.

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    Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug cheap lawyer legal aid lawyer best lawyer Toronto affordable lawyer legal aid lawyer Bail
    Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug cheap lawyer legal aid lawyer best lawyer Toronto affordable lawyer legal aid lawyer Bail

    All drug related crimes should be taken seriously. 

    Given the complexity of drug offences, it is imperative to have a lawyer with the knowledge, experience and track record to ensure you have the best legal representation possible.

    We are committed to defending drug related charges for 25 years and can review the details of you case anytime.  Get good advice from Toronto Drug Lawyers as soon as you can to ensure the best possible defense can be crafted.

    Our firm has successfully represented hundreds of individuals facing drug offences. Call Lawyer Plug at 647-490-7660 if you or a loved one has been charged. We are here to help 24/7. You can also contact one of our lawyer Christopher De Giorgio for traffic act charges and provincial offences.

    Drug possession and trafficking charges are brought under the Controlled Drugs & Substances Act (CDSA) and include:

    1. Simple possession of a controlled substance

    2. Possession for the purpose of trafficking

    3. Possession for the purpose of importing or exporting a controlled substance

    4. Trafficking in a controlled substance

    5. Importing or exporting a controlled substance

    6. Production of a controlled substance

    Understand what is at stake if you are convicted. 

    Drug and trafficking charges for substances like cocaine, methamphetamine, ecstasy, and heroin and fentanyl are serious and should be addressed by a lawyer as soon as you become aware of the fact that you have been charged or are under investigation. The Federal Crown pursues these charges aggressively and a conviction for some of these offences may result in some of the most severe penalties and lengthy terms of imprisonment available. Moreover, a conviction for any criminal offence will result in a criminal record, which can negatively impact many areas of your life including your reputation, your ability to maintain or obtain employment, and your ability to travel to other countries like the United States.

    Do not delay when it comes to your defence and safety. 

    Now is not the time to delay! Your reputation, future, and freedom are too important. In all cases, you are well advised to immediately speak with Lawyer Plug so we can evaluate your case, get your side of the story, and relentlessly defend you against your charges.

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