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Michael McKee, from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, is an expert Brampton criminal defense attorney. He has more than 25 years of experience defending people in all Ontario courthouses for all types of criminal offenses including assault, theft, shoplifting, sexual assault, drug crimes, identity theft, fraud, robbery, and young offenders. Besides he is an experienced bail, breach and probation lawyer.

The criminal defense attorneys at Lawyer Plug will fight for your rights and will help you through all the criminal process. As they know this might be one of the most difficult times in your life they will give you the support and help you need.

If you have been charged with a crime in Brampton or the Mississauga area you will need to go to Brampton (A. Grenville & William Davis) Courthouse located at 7755 Hurontario Street Brampton Ontario L6W 4T1. The office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Bail hearings also take place in this courthouse.

A bail hearing is need it when the person is charged with a serious criminal offense such as robbery, assault, assault with a weapon, DUI, murder, etc or if the police and the Crown felt that certain conditions must be placed on the person for safe release, or if the accused cannot go to court.

A bail hearing usually takes place within 24 hours of the detention and it is in your best interest to attend with an experience Brampton bail lawyer.

Because bail hearings are within 24 hours of the arrest it is important to contact Brampton bail lawyers as soon as you are arrested or even better when you know you are a suspect in a criminal matter. This way your criminal defense attorney can help you fight for your rights from the beginning.

At Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug there is always someone to help you 24 hours 7 days a week. So call day or night, you will find the help you need for your bail hearing and through all the criminal process.

Remember, the bail hearing is one of the most important aspects of the criminal process as in there the judge or the peace of justice will determine whether or not you are allowed to post bail to be discharged from jail for the duration of the trial. If bail is denied you will have to wait in prison until trial and that could take months disrupting your life.

It is important to understand that not everyone is brought to a bail hearing. The police will decide base on different aspects whether to release an accused or to have a bail hearing.

The factors they might look at include:

  •  Criminal record
  •  How serious the charges are
  •  If the accused is facing other charges at the same time
  •  Or if there is any reason why the accused won’t attend their court date

All of the above things will decide whether the police will release the accused or take them to bail court. Bringing someone to bail court is called “holding them for bail” or “holding them for show cause”.

If the police decide you need to go to bail court it is important to have by your side a Brampton bail lawyer, such as Michael McKee from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug. He will defend you to help protect your criminal record and keep you free.

Call immediately at 647-490-7660 and request the help you need.

Types Of Sentences

If you have been charged with a criminal offense it is important to understand how sentences are imposed in Canada.

  •  Not Guilty-If the accused is found not guilty, they are free from the criminal charge and they can go. There is only one exception and that is when the person is found not guilty on account of mental disorder.
  •  Guilty-If the accused pleads guilty or it is found guilty at trial, it is the Court who will determine the sentence by the crime committed. According to Canada’s criminal code, the sentence should be equivalent to the offender’s degree of responsibility for the crime.

If you are thinking of pleading guilty, first talk with an experience Brampton criminal defense lawyer. Before making this life-changing decision it is important to talk to Michael McKee, from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, so he can give you the best plan of action for your defense.

There are different types of sentences or combinations of penalties. Here are the most common ones:

Absolute or Conditional Discharge

Even if you have been found guilty the Court can discharge you, and no conviction will be registered. This type of sentence is in most cases ordered for less serious offenses.

The Court has two options for imposing a sentence:

  1. A conditional discharge

If the Court sentence you to a conditional discharge there will be specific conditions that must comply. This could mean a specified period through a probation order and once the conditions are met you might be discharged. The conditions may include:


  •  Not drinking alcohol
  •  Not using drugs
  •  Not allowed to go to specific places
  •  Going to specific treatments
  •  Attending counseling programs
  •  Reporting to a probation officer
  1. Absolute discharge

As the name suggests, in this type of sentence you will be discharged with no conditions.

Suspended Sentence and Probation

The Court may also choose to suspend imposing a sentence and discharge the felon on probation for a specified length of time. The sentence may also include a fine or conditional discharge with the probation order.

If you are in probation you will remain out of prison but you will be supervised by a probation officer and it is important to follow all the conditions included in the probation order.

Types of Probation Orders

In Canada, different types of probation orders will vary in duration, enforcement, and conditions.

Intensive Probation

This type of probation is set for criminal offenses that include gang members, sex offenders, and repeat offenders.

In most cases, this includes house arrest or depending on the circumstances you may be allowed to go to work and then return home.

If the Court sentence this type of probation you should know that your probation officer might visit your home unannounced to ensure the probation terms are being met.

Standard Probation

This type of probation enforced the offender to meet with a probation officer once or twice a week to supervised that the probation conditions are being met.

Sometimes you will also be forced to do community service work.

Unsupervised Probation

Here you will not have to meet with a probation officer, but you will be enforced to do certain activities at a specific length of time. The activities could include community service, pay court fees, and avoid any criminal activity.

Probation Violations

In Canada, there are serious consequences for those who don’t follow the probation conditions. You could be charged with a probation violation. If this occurs you should call immediately a Brampton Probation Violations Lawyer as it will depend on the probation officer the type of penalty you receive.

It is important to seek legal representation to understand the charges and court proceedings. Remember, it is your life and you can be incarcerated for violating your probation conditions.

You may get off with a warning if your probation violation is minor. Now, if you commit a crime, your probation officer may allow a judge to decide your sanction. Here are the most common sanctions:

  •  Extended your time probation
  •  More conditions to your probation
  •  Your probation may be removed and you will go back to prison

Your probation officer is the one that needs to prove you have committed a probation violation or a criminal offense.

As you can see the consequences may seriously affect your life so you need the help of an experience Brampton Probation Violations Lawyer such as Michael McKee from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Law Plug to help you protect your rights.

The criminal defense attorneys at Lawyer Plug will do their best to help you with your probation conditions and most importantly to keep you out of prison at all costs. You can call them at 647-490-7660 and request a free consultation today.

Conditional Sentence

If the offender is convicted and the Court imposes a sentence of less than two years’ behind bars, the Court may rule that the sentence be served in the community, with certain conditions, instead of jail.

It is important to understand that in this type of sentence the Court must be self-assured that this will not endanger the safety of the community.


In Canada’s Criminal Code, the most serious sentence is imprisonment, because the person loses their freedom.

The Court may sentence a person to spend a specific time behind bars. If the offender is sentenced to less than two years the sentence will be served in a provincial correctional institution. If it is sentenced to two years or more, in most cases, it is served in a federal penitentiary.


It is in your best interest not to face Canada’s criminal justice alone you need the help of a Brampton criminal defense lawyer from the beginning.

When you call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal lawyer Plug you will find the support you need during this difficult time. The best time to call them is as soon as you know you are investigated by the police.

Call 647-490-7660 today and request your free consultation. Remember, Michael McKee works in all Ontario courthouses and he has the experience to fight for you.

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